About Us

StitchLabel was established in the year 2018 AD. The designers started launching a production line for traditional Arab fashion with designs that suit the taste of modern Saudi women.

StitchLabel seeks to show the Saudi national heritage with a global perspective, through modern designs while maintaining The spirit of the national heritage. And because quality is the basis of StitchLabel’s philosophy and culture, this has contributed to its success as a promising brand.

The two designers draw inspiration from their lives and their travels around the world, the architecture, the art installations and the people they meet that such encounters become an intrinsic part of the creative process; Which allowed them to craft unique designs that appeal to women who celebrate their lives with passion and breathtaking femininity.

Our Vision

From our cultural heritage, we draw inspiration from our creativity and take it to the world. In StitchLabel, we restore a prominent cultural symbol in our identity by designing products with modern designs inspired by the distinctive diversity in which the fabric of Arab culture is formed.

Our Goals

  • To become a global Saudi brand.
  • Reflecting the Saudi heritage on our designs in a modern way with a luxurious and luxurious style that reflects the taste of Gulf women.
  • Delivering Saudi fashion to the largest segment and coverage the local and global market.